Website localization

Website localization is not just the translation of content, but also adaptation of a website to the national and cultural features of the target group of users. The final product should be perceived as a text written by a native speaker of this language. It is very important to make a precise choice of the language and dialect into which the translation is made, to maintain the integrity of the brand, and to convey its features fully and correctly, along with the competitive advantages of the company.  The nature of the target market should be taken into account, the page layouts of the new language version of the website should be correct (for example, word length is not the same in different language, so in the translation of a website, the page layout must be changed), and the visual images on the website should be appropriate to the cultural and national features of the foreign audience.

Clearly, successful localization of a website is the foundation for success in promoting a business abroad and attracting new partners and clients. And a high-quality translation is a necessary condition for carrying out this task.

The Association of Professional Translators works with a wide range of websites:

  • personal business websites;
  • corporate websites with a large amount of content;
  • Internet stores /electronic catalogues of goods etc.

Website localization is a complex project, so we can carry out the full cycle of work, or individual stages:

  • translation of textual content (permanent texts and dynamic contents: news, reviews, descriptions of products and services (for Internet stores and electronic catalogues);
  • translation of picture captions (retaining the original appearance and style);
  • translation of service elements (buttons, links, error reports, hints, interactive functions);
  • translation, dubbing and subtitling of video and audio materials, and flash animation;
  • translation of website section invisible to users (including a translation of commentary of program code, semantic core, meta-tags, alternative text of pictures (for search engine optimization);
  • translation of graphics and presentations.

Long-term cooperation with our Association will ensure support of the content of your website, which will be provided by a permanent work group that knows the features of your business, the nature of the market, requirements for texts and the style of exposition.

Additionally, on-going cooperation will allow you to carry out further regular support of content at short notice, without detriment to quality, by compiling thematic glossaries, and also using the system of translation memory, at your request.

For high-quality translation of a website, all you have to do is to send our specialists the original files of the materials that need to be translated, or give them full access to the site.

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