Translation of packing slips

A packing slip contains information about the specifications of the packaged goods. It includes all significant parameters: articles, dimensions of goods, type, mass, number of package etc.

The translation of a packing slip in most cases is required during customs clearance of cargo brought from another country.

The Association of Professional Translators provides high quality and efficient services for translating packing slips. Our extensive experience of translating various documentation, and also our large staff of qualified employees, allow us to carry out orders of any level of difficult at a high professional level and within a short timeframe. If necessary, we can certify the translation with the seal of our company.

Special features of translating packing slips

  • A packing slip is an official document, so the translation is drawn up in full compliance with the structure of the original. Additionally, besides the main text the document contains stamps, logos and notes which must also be translated.
  • Particular attention in translating a packing slip is given to the specifications of the goods – they must fully correspond to those indicated in the original. Usually it is accompanied by an invoice, so in translation the information in these documents is checked, thus ensuring uniformity in all the translated documents, and avoiding different interpretations of specifications and descriptions.
  • The translation of the packing slip essentially indicates the information in the invoice. The only difference is that the invoice contains information about the price of the goods.

We most frequently receive requests to translate documents into Russian from such languages as English, Chinese, German and Croatian.


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