Translation of export declarations

Export declarations are the main documents required for transporting goods across borders.

The Association of Professional Translators makes high-quality translations of export declarations within a tight timeframe. We have considerable experience of translating various documentation, and a staff of qualified specialists with extensive training.

When ordering a translation from us, you will receive a document that is drawn up according to current international standards, and its contents will fully correspond to the original. We also guarantee high efficiency in carrying out your order.

Special features of translating export declarations

An export declaration is a template document, so translating it is not difficult. At the same time there are certain features that require special attention:

  • The translation of a declaration is made on an appropriate form, with a complete reproduction of the table, the document does not differ from the original;
  • The translation of office information fields is made using set phrases;
  • In translating the declaration the terminology can be agreed upon;
  • The document is prepared for certification with a seal from our company.

Declarations translated from Chinese are the most common at our company. Other popular languages for translating declarations are Finnish, Korean, Estonian and English.

Translation of export declarations at an affordable price

Our company offers sensible rates, and the combination of impeccable quality and efficiency make our services very attractive for everyone who works in goods delivery. As the declaration is a template document, you can find out the price of translation beforehand without sending us a document for an estimate. All you have to do is call us and specify what has to be done. On average, the cost of translating one page of a document from one of the popular languages is 500-600 rubles.

The cost of certification with the seal of our company is 2.3$ for one document.

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