Translation of business correspondence

Many companies and institutions, both commercial and state-run, are interested in establishing and maintaining international ties and partnership with foreign offices. The slightest mistake in business correspondence, or a delay, can lead to losing a business partner, or to a rejection in closing a profitable deal.

Translation is required for both private letters between partners and a wide range of business documents, including diverse correspondence:

  • business documentation
  • letters
  • commercial proposals;
  • statements,
  • reports;
  • applications;
  • CVs;
  • accompanying letters;
  • recommendations;
  • agreements;
  • thank-you notes;
  • complaints
  • sponsor letters etc.

Translation of business correspondence requires the mastery not only of languages, but also of skills of business etiquette, stock phrases which are used in various types of writing, and the norms and rules of drawing up business documentation. For example, even dates in English and Russian are written differently.

Although business correspondence is often conducted in electronic form, there is a whole range of documents that require qualified translation on paper, and sometimes certified translations as well. As emails do not have legal force, they cannot be admitted as evidential documents in courts of arbitration and in other disputes.

The translators at our company are highly qualified specialists with an excellent knowledge of the style and technique of conducting business correspondence in different countries.


Each order for a technical translation involves a profound analysis of the topicand the involvement of a specialist who is a native speaker. The final price may vary.

Discounts for regular clients.

You can download our price list here

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