Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is the most difficult type of interpreting, when the interpreter translated the words of the speaker into another language at the same time as one of the other speakers is talking.

The specific nature and complexity of simultaneous interpreting is determined by the nature of speech: spontaneity, variation, a large number of individual features, the passage of time etc.

Unlike consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting takes at least half as much time.

Thus, simultaneous interpreting is used during various international events of VIP level, such as conferences, symposiums, business negotiations, seminars, presentations, major sporting competitions – and other events which require the attention of a large audience.

As simultaneous interpreting requires considerable mental effort, the interpreter cannot work constantly for a long time, so simultaneous interpreting is carried out by several specialists, who replace each other after a certain time interval (usually 20 minutes)

Besides interpreting “by ear”, when the interpreter listens to the speaker in headphones and interprets as the information is received, simultaneous interpreting can also be carried out:

  • from a text”: the simultaneous interpreter makes the translation of a written text after the speaker reads it out. If the speaker deviates from the text, the translation is made “by ear”.
  • As a “previously translated text”: the interpreter reads a previously translated text after the speaker has read it out aloud.

If the topic of the event is highly specialized, then simultaneous interpreters must be provided with materials about the topic beforehand.

The venue where the speech, seminar, negotiations or conference will be held should have all the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpreting: usually a booth, microphones, headphones etc. are required.

We are also prepared to consider individual conditions for the payment of your project.


To determine the price we recommend that you contact our managers

  • The cost of simultaneous translations is calculated individually for each client
    Two interpreters working in turns
    • English from 3300 rub./hour
    • German from 3600 rub./hour
    • Spanish from 4500 rub./hour
    • Chinese from 5000 rub./hour

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Special equipment

We provide and install all the necessary equipment. We have extensive experience in organizing simultaneous translation at events of all levels, so you won’t have any cause for concern– you’re putting your trust in real professionals.



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