Online payment

You can pay for services at any convenient time:

  1. Receive information from a manager about the number and price of the order.
  2. Enter the required data: order number*, price of order in rubles.
  3. Click the “Pay” button.
  4. You will be directed to the “UnitPay” website. Follow the instructions on this webpage.

If the information is entered correctly, choose a convenient payment method:

  • VISA and MasterCard**
  • Internet money and electronic payment systems
  • payment through mobile phone operator
  1. Make the payment by the method you choose
  2. After payment is made, the information will be received by our Association of Professional Translators, usually within five minutes. Confirmation of payment will be sent to the email address you give.

**  When paying by bank card, please be prepared to enter the card number, expiry date, CCV code indicated on the reverse, and also the name of the card holder, and other personal data.

For a precise calculation of the cost of the translation document please contact our managers.
You can also send a request by email to
During working hours we reply within 5 minutes!


  • Cash payment at our office
  • Money transfer for legal entities (ask our managers for bank account details)
  • UnitPay online payment (over 40 methods of payment)

Order number:


 Оплата VISA MasterCard Qiwi


Special price – 68.75$ for one document
The price includes translation of the document, statue duty and our services
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Оплата VISA MasterCard Qiwi

Notary certification

Notary certification is required to give copies and translations of documents legal force.
The price of certifying one document with the notary A.A. Pinchuk, who receives clients in the neighboring office, is 6.15$

Translation timeframes

Timeframes for orders:

Standard translation (not more than 5-6 translated pages): ready the next day
Urgent translations can be “discussed individually” +60% of the basis cost of the translations

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