Localization is the process of adapting software to the culture of another country. The term “localization” often involves the translation of the user interface, documentation and accompanying software files from the original language into another

Localization is a necessary step in bringing a programming product to a new market.
It would hardly make sense to put a non-localized program on the market, as with the exception of very specific products, the majority of users do not know the original language.

For localized software, language barriers do not exist for users, and this makes it possible to enter the market quickly and distribute the product within the new language environment.

The translators at our company have the required competence and experience in localizing websites of general topics, and also complex programming products which require both an impeccable knowledge of the language and a high level of specialized (technical) knowledge.
Working with us, you can be sure of the precise and correct localization of programming products.

All projects on localization are overseen by translators who are native speakers of the language.

Website localization

The adaptation of websites for convenient use in another language environment is called website localization.

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Localization of games

Localization of games is a necessary condition to bring them to a new user market.

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Localization of software

Our technical and IT translators specialize in the localization of software.

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For a cost estimate of localizing your product please contact our managers.
You can also send a request by email to zakaz@translator.spb.ru
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