Professional interpreting by telephone

In business, we often have to talk to our foreign partners and clients at long distance, by telephone or Skype. We can provide an interpreter who will help you in your talks.

To find out more details about services, contact us in whatever way you find convenient.

Options of telephone interpreting

We offer several options for organizing telephone interpreting, and you can choose the one that suits you.

  1. Our employee goes to the client’s office

If you have to make or receive an ordinary telephone call, our employee will come to your office. The interpreting process will involve the client turning on the loudspeaker, and the specialist will start to work. The interpreter can also be entrusted to do all the talking, and then give the client the necessary information.

  1. Service for conference calls

Conference calls are considered to be a more difficult form of telephone interpreting, as several parties are involved. An employee from our company will come to your office at a certain time and will help the participants of the discussion to understand each other.

Do you need an interpreter? In this field our specialists have no equals! Their wide range of experience, including work at important international events, guarantees the quality and reliability of interpreting. Each employee of the Association of Professional Translators is regularly tested for their level of qualification, so we are certain of our staff’s professionalism.

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