Documents Translation

In our association you can quickly and easily translate your documents with a guarantee of quality:

Attention!  Editing by a specialist is included in the price, so you can be completely sure of the quality of our translations.

  • Translation of documents (contracts, agreements, letters of authority)
  • Translation of passport
  • Translation of certificates (birth / marriage / state registration certificates etc.)
  • Authorization for minor to travel
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Military service card
  • Documents of education (certificate/ diploma etc.)
  • Drivers’ license
  • Employment documents (CV/ work service book  etc.)
  • Documents for a visa
  • Translation of seals and stamps

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Cost of translating one document
(one translated page)

  • Languages of CIS countries from 5.99$
  • European languages from 5.79$
  • Other languages from 9.19$

To find out the exact price you can download our price list

Certification services

For your convenience, there is a certifying office in our building. If necessary, we can certify all translations within a short time.
Certification services cost 9.19$


An apostille, for some countries consular certification, is a special stamp placed on documents to give them legal force abroad. You can entrust us with providing an apostille for your documents, and receive a ready package of documents. This is convenient..

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