Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is a form of interpretation when the interpreter conveys the speaker’s words in another language during pauses in discussion, and like simultaneous interpreting, it is considered to be one of the most complex forms of interpreting, because of the nature of speech in general.

Consecutive interpreting makes special demands on the qualification, professional and personal qualities of the interpreter: it not only requires a mastery in interpreting the language and knowledge of the subtleties of the theme under discussion, but also skills of effective public speaking, and establishing communicative contact with the audience. In consecutive interpreting, knowledge of the rules of etiquette is also required, as the image of the speaker ultimately depends on the interpreter’s behavior.

Consecutive interpreting, unlike simultaneous interpreting, does not limit the mobility of events. There is no need to use additional equipment, without which simultaneous interpreting is impossible.

Consecutive interpreting services are required in:

  • business negotiations
  • court hearings, signing documents and during other legal proceedings;
  • seminars, meetings;
  • installing and adjusting equipment with a foreign specialist;
  • excursions, accompaniment;
  • presentations, receptions, celebrations;
  • telephone negotiations;
  • exhibitions and other events.

Interpreting highly specialized topics involves preliminary preparation:

  • We request that you provide us with information and any additional materials beforehand concerning the upcoming event.


The price for an interpreter’s services is calculated by an hourly rate in rubles.

  • The minimum order is 3 hours, see the list of languages and prices here

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