Obtaining an Apostille stamp at the Main Department of the Ministry of Justice for St. Petersburg costs 4500 rubles (including state duty)


The timeframe for obtaining an apostille is determined by state institutions:

  • on a certified copy made by a notary of St. Petersburg or the Leningrad Oblast – 3 days
  • on a certified translation of a document – 3 days

Apostilles for the following documents:

  • certified copies of documents issued in any region of the Russian Federation;
  • a certified translation of documents;

An Apostille is a special stamp that, in accordance with the Hague convention on abolishing the requirement of legislation for foreign public documents, is placed on official non-commercial documents and is a simplified form of legislation of them, which is recognized by the official bodies of all member nations of the Convention.

  • An Apostille can only be provided by authorized organizations. In the Russian Federation, the Apostille stamp on certified copies of documents is provided by bodies of the country’s justice ministry.
  • Please bear in mind that in practically all countries around the world, official documents should be presented in the official language of the country. If necessary, specialists at the Association of Professional Translators can provide both a direct (from the foreign language) and a back (into the foreign language) professional translation of documents presented for legislation.
  • There are certain requirements for documents presented for an Apostille stamp. Also remember that for countries with which Russia has an according bilateral agreement, legalization and apostilles are not required. Furthermore, certain types of documents cannot be legalized. If you have any doubt as to whether an Apostille stamp can or should be placed on your documents, please contact our managers for a consultation.

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